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A little history:

The round road was created in the 19th-20th century. In order to fulfill two main functions, to unite and communicate the different populations of the Coast, at the same time it guaranteed sailors and fishermen to return to the ports in case of shipwreck.

On the other hand, it was the road used by the police and the civil guard to carry out the round and thus control the illegal smuggling activities carried out on the coast.

The Royal Corps of Carabineros de Coasts y Fronteras de España was the armed body created in 1829 with the mission of monitoring the borders to suppress fraud and smuggling. The functions were assumed by the Civil Guard from 1940.
One of the sections of the Ronda road is the one that runs along the Gavina urbanization designed by the architect Rafael Masó i Valentí.

Round road by kayak

To immerse yourself in this story in Set Sail Costa Brava we make some authentic kayak excursions that we will describe below.

We leave from our facilities in the port of Playa de Aro. We paddle to Pinell Point entering its small cove with turquoise waters and impressive cliffs. Upon leaving Cala we will cross Cala Sa Conca until we reach Cala del Llobarro where we begin to follow the Camino de Ronda.The following corners, Cala de Vaques, Cala del Mirador and Cala Pedrosa dazzle us with their stunning views, and luxurious houses of Mediterranean air, where the vegetation brings an incredible color to the landscape.

Leaving Cala de Vaques, we will paddle through narrow rock corridors with shallow depth, where it is very easy to dazzle with the seabed.
Next, we will see the Mirador, located in the Cala with the same name, created in 1955. A temple of Greek inspiration that looks out on the coast during our entire journey, from which wonderful views of Sea and Coast are contemplated.
Finally, in Cala Pedrosa, a small beach with granite rock walls, and a rocky seabed.
The crystal clear waters will make you want to dive. To do this, we are prepared with our panoramic vision snorkel masks. We will enjoy the seabed where we can find schools of fish such as salps, veiled and oblate and among the octopus rocks, sea urchins and starfish among others.Our guide will be happy to contribute all his knowledge along the way.

Let the Costa Brava, the Ronda Ronda and the Mediterranean live from the sea. Enjoy with Sail Costa Brava Set, the sailing school of the Nàutic Club of Port d’Aro.